Like you, I find this subject overwhelming. And I know a few things already. So to start this blog I started with consumer reports!

Even this was a lot to take in, so to narrow things down, let’s get to the basics.

Are you restricted to type, style, or material by HOA or historic regulations?
Do you know your color choice? Are you firm or flexible?
Do you have a budget in mind for your windows? Is it a range or firm number?
Are you educated as to the important things to compare all windows against?

NFRC-National Fenestration Rating Council (the energy star of windows)
U-FACTOR: The measure of heat loss from your home through this window. The lowest number is best. Range 0 .2-1.2.
SOLAR HEAT GAIN COEFFICIENT (SHGC): How well this product can resist unwanted heat. Low numbers best. Range:0-1.
VISIBLE TRANSMITTANCE (VT): How well this product is designed to light your home with daylight. The higher the number the more natural light. Range: 0-1.
Air Leakage: How much air will enter the room through the product. Look for low numbers. Range