Whether you are just moving in or have lived in your house for many years, historic homes always have something that needs to be done! Living in a historic home is not only a commitment to you and your family to keep your home taken care of, but it is also a commitment to your community’s historic heritage. Historic homes require love and care.

Staying organized and prepared throughout the renovation process is key. There are many regulations you and your contractor must follow when restoring a historic home. Some materials that are already a part of the house must be preserved, and there are some materials that are not allowed to be used when renovating but alternatives are given. (Cement siding or Hardie board is a recommended alternative to replace wooden clapboard). Your contractor can guide you through what renovations need to be made, what materials can be used, and they can also aide in helping find other vendors that are knowledgeable in historic restorations to keep the process as smooth as possible. The regulations for the city of Lexington can be found here. Before you get started with renovations, a permit is needed from the city. Historic preservation specialists at the historic preservation office can assist in attaining the permit. Once there is a permit, you can start the project selected on your permit.

Blue Star Enterprises can help with exterior restorations on your home. Our company has experience with utilizing the materials that historic homes use.

Our General Manager has had firsthand experience with Blue Star Enterprises’ services when she decided to restore her historic home. She can share the other companies she used to complete her renovations. Watch for our next blog post that will provide photos of the restorations that were made.