When our founder Scott decided to combine his skills in construction with his entrepreneurial spirit and understanding of business, Blue Star Enterprises was formed.

Since then, we have worked with a multitude of local builders on providing siding, columns, corbels, and pediments to new residential home construction projects. This has been the primary scope of our work in previous years, but in recent years we have expanded further on our commercial & remodeling projects, and our own new home building projects.

Some members of our devoted team of craftsmen have been working with us for over 15 years, while our newest recruits have quickly come up to speed in order to help the rest of the team complete our work with quality and confidence.

In 2019, Blue Star Enterprises has big plans for growth, expanding to formalize our commercial and remodeling branches, adding new personnel, launching a new website and creating a social media presence, restructuring our field personnel, streamlining our processes, and updating our technology and communication methods.

All of this improvement is with our primary goal in mind: to help you
reach your construction goals knowing our confident team of
craftsmen are on the job.