Our founder, Scott Callebs, started hanging siding in 1994 during his tenure at Eastern Kentucky University in order to make some money as a student. He then went on to receive a B.S. in Construction  Technology, with a Minor in Business, upon graduation. He immediately got to work as a project manager for a highway development project in Kentucky.

Because Scott was raised around entrepreneurs, had a self-motivation for independence, and was armed with a business degree, he decided to pursue business for himself after the project was complete. He saw a need for a collection of skilled siding professionals in the industry and filled it.

Blue Star Enterprises was founded in 2007. Since then, Scott has immersed himself in the company and spends many days in the field working with the team in order to ensure quality projects. Some days are spent back in the office working with management to improve processes and coming up with innovative ways to reach customers and meet their needs.

When he’s not working, Scott loves to hike, camp, ride his motorcycles, and participate in motocross racing. He loves spending time with his sons and nephews, who help out with the business during their summer holidays.