February 8, 2021

6 Benefits Of Using A Gutter Protection System

Blue Star Enterprises, Inc.

Autumn is here and leaves are falling! While the changing colors of leaves may bring joy, they can be a real pain. Besides messing up your yard, leaves can be tracked into your home, all over the yard, or fall in the gutter. To prevent any of the falling leaves into your gutters, Blue Star Enterprises can install the Leafguard Brand gutter protection system! This time of year, the upkeep of your gutters is a must.

Gutters are essential to your home. Gutters have one important job, to divert water away from your home, especially the siding, windows, doors and foundation.

Although Blue Star Enterprises does not offer gutter cleaning, we highly suggest taking care of your gutters! We can install a gutter protection system to shield your gutters from debris. Below we have listed six benefits of keeping your gutters healthy:

  1. Keeping your gutters healthy prevents water damage to your home.
  2. Healthy gutters eliminate the risk of a potential nesting place for pests
  3. Using a protection system will help prevent corrosion
  4. Well-kept gutters guard your home from basement flooding
  5. Gutters can protect your landscaping
  6. Using a gutter protection system will reduce the amount of gutter cleaning!

Blue Star Enterprises uses the Leafguard Brand gutter protection system that will help prevent the debris from falling in your gutters and keep your gutter cleaning tasks to a minimum. We can also do gutter/downspout replacements if you require that as well.

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